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Labrador Retriever — Age 6
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This is my Good morning, I'm just watching you for movement face..cause I could eat but I don't want to bother you...too much

Murphy Jones is my heart. Murphy has a skin condition that causes him to be dry, itchy and cause hot spots. He has to use a special shampoo, a certain brush, and even when you wash him it has to be a certain way. We tried honest kitchen because my sister was using it and said it might help. I'm not sure how much it is helping his issue but I will tell you that he absolutely loves the food!. Whenever you make a move towards the kitchen in the morning, he is ready to eat. We even had to make his dinner time earlier because as soon as I walk in the kitchen to make dinner and if I turn on the water, he needs his dinner. He is super excited about meal time and is nice enough to lick his bowl so clean that the dish washer is now jealous.

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