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Other (dog) — Age 12
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We were recommend Honest Kitchen pet food for our 12 year old foster dog Oakley. Oakley came to us from Louisiana from a "sanctuary". This sanctuary had great intentions at the beginning of its establishment, but in recent years it went downhill fast. With that many of the dogs there suffered, Oakley being one of them. Oakley was severely underweight and he also had heart worms and hook worms. The hook worms are gone now and is on treatment for heart worms. Being a senior dog, it can be difficult to put weight on. Oakley has been suffering from some type of digestive issues and it has yet to be determined still. Through our own research, we have a feeling he is dealing with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Basically anything he eat, dry or soft food goes right through him causing chronic vomiting and loose stool. The thing is, there is not a lot of information on how this disease evolves in pets nor not a lot of information on how to treat it. We found that boiled chicken was working best for him, but still not the greatest. This also was not sustainable for us. That is when we looked into Honest Kitchen, specifically the dehydrated turkey dog food. We talked to a couple people and they swore by it, so we thought we would give it a try. The results have been amazing! Oakley is finally keeping his food down and has put on 3.5 pounds in a week, which is a huge deal. We have yet to determine the cause of Oakley's digestive problems, but The Honest Kitchen has given us a glimpse of hope to get Oakley back on the right healthy track.

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