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Chihuahua — Age 0
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Oliver on one of our pack’s many adventures!
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Our pack loves Honest kitchen they take such good care of Oliver and he loves having tasty variety and options!!

Oliver is small guy, a picky eater, and demands variety. Most brands don’t make small breed bites, if they do they force us to buy massive pounds of food and he never touches it most of the time. For us the one pound bags are a MIRACLE!! we can order several kinds and rotate him through them with one as his main stay staple - he is in love! He lost 6 teeth this spring due to some issues with his last owners health, and we tried and tried so many foods, type, can, bag, topper, and on and on. We live in a tiny home 330sq feet - you can imagine how the 5-20lb bags of useless food added up in cost and mess (the extended family thankfully had dogs to use them) but still surgery and foods were breaking our wallet in a time of already hard times. We found you in a local big pet box store, he sniffed your display out so we bought a little bag - he ravaged it so we have been loyal since. His teeth are staying cleaner and he loves flavor varieties!! We love that we can buy small bags we can stow and they are JUST HIS SIZE!! For what. 4lb dog needs!! His coat had some weird spots of dandruff/scabby/flakiness and hair drop the vet examined and said wasn’t more than an annoyance, the food has made his even softer and abated that in its entirety. His bowels move so well, the food has lots of fiber so it makes him very regular and he is so happy!! And it’s easier to pick up after him too!! No ones likes the job but hey anything that makes it easier!! And as a human RN for many years I know that when a human’s waste doesn’t smell bad they are balanced and healthy - it’s no rise garden surely but this really made his waste nearly oderless and took away his smelly gas completely!! So yeah it’s not fun to talk about but since our little guy has no words we have to go on his body’s workings. Also he freaking LOVES these foods, he loves them. We even had to medicate him per vet prescription to eat at one point - never been an issue with this food he’s always happy to snack on it, he’s back to his normal healthy weight and he has lots of energy and kisses! In summary I praise Honest kitchen for making something so great, having it at a price we can afford, and having these smaller bags that work for our size dog!! There are so many small dogs out there yet we have to buy food in 20-50lb bags?!?!? That’s ridiculous, and I am so grateful to have you for our lack! Thank you!

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