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Chihuahua — Age 14
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Paco at 14 yrs
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Paco 14yrs and Dozer 4 yrs

Paco is a rescue from 2007. He came to us as a hairless Chihuahua/Terrier mix. At the time he didn't have skins issues and did well for about 9 years. Recently when we moved to Southern Cal. That changes with a serious skin disease. Honest kitchen is the only dog food that will fit with Paco's issues. He loves the taste especially when mixed with chicken broth. Paco has a special personality and will do all kinds of tricks to get attention. Especially at feeding time. Every day like clockwork he will try to get my attention to let me know it's time to eat. Aside from that Paco is on medication for skin issues mostly underneath. (as pictured).

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