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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 2
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Pedra, hoping for a treat.

We adopted Pedra when she was 4 months old. The story is that she was found on the streets of Tijuana with her brother and an adoptive standard poodle mother. She's always been friendly, lively, and eager to please. She's a natural hunter (we think she's part Transylvania Hound), and catches rats, snakes and birds. Her ultimate goal is to catch the orange cat that sits on the fence, but it's doubtful even speedy Pedra will be able to do that. She feels most comfortable when the whole family is in the same room, and if we bore her she'll actually talk to us in an accusing tone. If someone in our family is up set, Pedra is right there for a good cuddle and a face lick. A few months into our life together, Pedra stopped eating and seemed sluggish. The kibble and wet dog food we were giving her seemed to hold no interest, and we noticed that her digestive system wasn't - shall we say - doing so well. After taking her to the vet and making sure that she didn't have worms or any other diagnosable problems, a friend suggested Honest Kitchen products. After some experimenting, we found the right recipe. Not only does she eat with gusto now, but all her digestive issues have disappeared and her puppy-energy has returned. We're so grateful for such great food for our dear Pedra!

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