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Shih Tzu — Age 13
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Pelucha is living a better life because she is eating healthier. She likes the Fish Formula but hopefully someday we can try something else.
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Her coat looks amazing and also she is healthier than ever. It was important for me to change her diet. He is Pelucha at the beach.
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Natsu is allergic to different food. After I adopted him I changed his diet to honest Kitchen Fish formula and his coat looks so much better. His former owners used to feed him Blue, which is not a bad brand of dog food but definitely not better than hone
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My Daisy, she has a sensitive stomach. She used to eat Blue, and the food was fine. However, she is doing so much better with Honest Kitchen. Her coat look so shiny and healthy.
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Here is Pelucha with her sailor outfit. She is 13 year-old but she looks really food for her age. She loves eating Honest Kitchen Fish formula.

My dog suffers from epilepsy; however, her medications (zonisamide) keeps the seizures under control. Her medication saved her life but caused urinary infection due to crystals' formation -which became a life-threatening situation because they were big. One of my biggest problems is that my little dog hates to drink water. Water is essential for getting rid of the crystals, but since she didn't like to drink water, it allowed them to multiply or get bigger. Also, Pelucha was constantly constipated, but after feeding her Honest Kitchen Fish Formula, she hasn't suffered from crystals or constipation. I am happy because now she lives a better life.

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