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Greyhound — Age 11
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I adopted my retired Greyhound, Piper, when she was 4. Right away she had digestive issues and was already cleared for parasites. Her poop was completely encased in a mucus tube, liquid diarrhea inside. It was the most bizarre thing I've ever seen. After all of the tests and imaging, the vet came back with a diagnosis of IBS. She tested positive for both upper and lower GI. So we started a half dozen meds and supplements which didn't work. After 6 months without improvement I did some reading and found an article about this company and thought I'd give it a try. None of the other quality foods or the vet's prescription diets weren't helping to this point. After a week of feeding her the dehydrated fish meal with Perfect Form her poops were normal! It was because of this food that Piper was able to live the rest of her life drug free. She has recently crossed the rainbow Bridge, but I have no doubt her life would have been much more brief and full of complications without The Honest Kitchen.

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