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American Staffordshire Terrier — Age 2
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Ponno the spoiled Chihuahua
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Chapo the male brother on right
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Chica female sister on left
My Chihuahua Do I love this dog well of course I do! For 10 years he has been a delight loving wonderful dog. He is only 6 pounds and with his breed has been relatively healthy. But as old age comes and creeps up he starts the goose honk, and come to find out my little guy as a collapsed trachea, 3 months before the vets diagnosis of this condition , Upset with all the fillers and garbage that's in his dog food I start to do research and found Honest kitchen and we have not looked back. More expensive yes, More time consuming having to grind it up because the bits and pieces are kind of big for his little mouth yes. But so very well worth the cost and time preparing his food. The Grain free Beef and Grain free Chicken are his all time favorites. We haven't tried the fish yet, but I am sure that will be added to the list of favorites. We can not thank Honest Kitchen enough for their healthy satisfying dog food. Its made all the difference in my little love doggy's health. We will be a Honest Kitchen customer for as long as we have dogs,no other dog food will do for our dog family.
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