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Australian Shepherd — Age 4
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Little Poppet
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Little Poppets under developed bottom jaw
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We adopted little Poppet after fostering him for a rescue in 2017. Poppet is deaf and has limited sight and only has half a bottom jaw. Because of Poppets lower jaw he had a very hard time eating kibble even if I added water. Poppet also suffered from urinary crystals and anal glad problems. I switched Poppet from commercial kibble to The Honest kitchen Keen at the first of the year (2019). Poppet has not had any urinary crystals or anal gland problems since. He also can eat this wonderful food without any problems, he likes me to add a little extra water so it's easier for him just to lap it up with his tongue. Thank you Honest Kitchen for making a product my dogs love and one I can trust, my dogs are so much healthier since I switched from commercial kibble.

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