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Pit Bull — Age 2
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Pringles is the cutest potato chip in all the land! I was fostering her for about 1 month and just made the adoption official this weekend. Pringles was emaciated on intake to the shelter and showed concerning neurological deficits. After getting numerous diagnostics from a neurologist, she was found to have an old brain injury from unknown trauma. This caused her to have symptoms of central vestibular disease. The good news was that since it was a healed injury, her condition would not worsen. As her weight increased, Pringles got much stronger and stable on her feet. She will always struggle with her balance, but she is as happy as can be. She wants to be friends with every single human on this planet, even if they show zero interest in her. I have worked with animals for over 8 years, but Pringles is the first dog I have ever adopted and I couldn't be luckier. She has such a gentle, loving soul and brings out the best in everyone that has the pleasure of meeting her. Based on her medical issues, it is unclear what her medical prognosis will be long-term, so I want to do my part in making sure she has the best care possible. Her diet is something I care deeply about, especially since she was emaciated and her haircoat is still recovering as a result. I have yet to found a food she does not like, but I'm looking for quality ingredients that meet all of her nutritional needs. We love everything we have tried from HK so far and are excited to try more!

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