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Labrador Retriever — Age 12
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We were not prepared for a dog. A young military couple, newly married, we set off on a day trip to a local flea market. Not knowing much about puppy mills, I was just like everyone else wanting to hold the cute puppies. Holding her, she chose us. We couldn't just leave her. Upon her first vet visit, we learned Remington had deformed paws from never touching grass, an umbilical hernia, ear mites and fleas. She was also too young and should not have been weened from her mother yet. The world seemed stacked aganist her. However, almost 13 years later and she is still going! Along Remington's journey, The Honest Kitchen has played a huge part. Again, being young puppy parents, we didn't know any better and started her on Eukanuba puppy kibble. I noticed right away that, although potty trained, she kept having accidents. Being the curious lab she is, whenever we'd take her somewhere and she would eat another dog's food, she would end up with a UTI the next day. I had multiple vets tell me I was crazy and that food doesn't cause UTIs but I knew better. I saw it happening. So I researched and decided I would give THK a shot and see if things changed for Remi. We've been using THK 2x a day for over 9 years now. In those 9 years, she's had ONE UTI and it happened right after she ate her cousins petstore kibble! Everytime we take Remi to the vet, they are impressed by her weight, her energy, her health and her coat. Despite having stage 3 kidney failure and spondylosis, she is in great healthy and we attribute that to THK! Knowing that Remington is coming up on 13 years, we know are time is possibly limited with her, but thanks to THK, those 13 years have been amazing and we couldn't have asked for a better customer with better customer service to care for our pup right along side us. Thank you, THK, for making such a quality product that we beleive in and can trust!

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