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Malinois — Age 0
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My boy Rio
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Adoption day!
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Passed out after playing
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Keeping an eye on the neighborhood
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Rio & his BFF

Rio is a rescue- I believe Belgian Malinois. Super sweet disposition, energetic, loves all animals & people! The most picky appetite I’ve ever experienced. My last dog was a German Shepherd who was very food/treat motivated & I never had a problem. Rio had some skin issues when I first got him so I tried to stay more natural & grain free. It helped, but he lost interest quickly. I would buy small bags of high quality, he’d eat a couple bowls...sometimes reluctantly, but at least he was eating. Then, he’d just refuse. Walk to his bowl, look, sniff & walk away. I can’t explain the money I spent tossing bags of “high-end” food. I knew he was hungry, just not eating. I was at a loss & people would say - he’d eventually eat. No shit, he’d have to in order to survive. Not what I wanted for him, but wasn’t ready to try a raw diet nor did I have that option because I travel for work & didn’t want to put that on others. I stumbled upon the Honest Kitchen & grabbed a couple starter cups to mix with his kibble. I mixed the 2 together and walked away. Came back a minute later & he was chowing hard! Literally licked his bowl clean!! I was shocked & hopeful. I got him a variety & he loves every one I’ve tried so far. It literally looks likes he has a grin when he’s done. I was not sure about the texture, but mixed with his kibble- this dog dances for his food now! It’s pretty cool to see. The Honest Kitchen product has nailed it.

THK products Rio loves
  1. Dehydrated - Limited Ingredient Turkey Recipe (Marvel)

    Dog Food

    $23.88 - $101.99

    ★★★★★ (90)
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