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Pomeranian — Age 0
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Rocky as a puppy.
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Me and Rocky! Look how handsome he is! Thank you honest kitchen for the food that has helped him "thrive". :D

We had our beautiful sadie who is a border collie husky mix but i wanted to add another lovely puppy to the mix. We wanted a playmate for sadie so she would not get so bored. We picked up rocky and he was the sweetest little puppy ever. A little white and brown ball of fur and weighed in at about a pound when we first brought him home. He was the dog i instantly knew i wanted. He would just lay down and relax belly up as the other dogs ran around barking at everything. He was so tiny and cute, but after we got him home we realized that his little mouth could not eat the dog food that we bought for him. His fur was dull and he wasn't the healthiest puppy. He started puking a lot and we took him to the vet. We were relieved that he didn't have any medical issues after we took him to the vet but he was just small and sick. I was worried about getting him enough food and nutrients to grow. He came from not the best environment and needed love and care to grow. We heard about honest kitchen and started rocky on Thrive honest kitchen dog food. he loved it and started eating more and more and getting bigger. He now weighs in at a solid 7 pounds, small but feisty. Now rocky is old enough to eat regular dog food but we still feed him honest kitchen every day at dinner time. He looks forward to it and gets yappy at night if he doesn't get his honest kitchen. He absolutely loves it and licks the bowl clean. Rocky has grown up to such a beautiful dog with such a shiny coat. He has blossomed into a "mom-mas boy". He is such a cuddler and love bug. He also defends his plate from his big sister Sadie a 70 pound husky border collie mix. Her coat has become noticeably more shiny since we started feeding them this food. He also defends her bowl to Rocky who is quite a little guard dog himself and she checks his empty bowl when she is done. We actually had to get Sadie a place mat for her food because she would eat her food all the way into the bedroom. her food bowl now stays in place. It always made us laugh. We have also tried different sample of packs of food and my dogs have loved them all. Especially the fish ones. We have also bought property toppers at pet supplies and our dogs love them. You just throw them on top of the already prepared honest kitchen and it gives your dogs some extra goodies. I love that the food is human grade also, because i want to know what my dogs are eating is safe. I recommend this to any dog owner. My dogs love honest kitchen and I am sure your dogs would love it also.

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