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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 8
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Shortly after adopting Rollins I was on the hunt for food that would agree with her. She was having some stomach problems and the vet I was seeing said I should just go to a big box pet store and try a bunch of kibbles. Never having been a pet parent before I didn't even know where to begin but also wasn't pleased with his answer. Little did I know how extremely important the food we put into our dogs' bodies is. Luckily I went into a local dog store in my town (and started seeing a different vet). This store and the people within it would change our lives forever without even knowing it. I was getting answers to my questions and they continued to talk to me about the importance of diet, sourcing, and ingredients. Food is literal medicine to our dogs (and ourselves but we all know our dogs eat better than us!) and education is so important. I was given a sample of The Honest Kitchen and we never looked back. Friends and family who don't understand, or who don't have dogs, love to roll their eyes at me as I "make" her meals but it's something I take such pride in. It's always worth the few extra minutes to know that I'm giving my girl a meal I trust from a company I trust. About 7 years have gone by since we first discovered The Honest Kitchen. Her vet always comments on her beautiful teeth and healthy, shiny coat. Learning about pet nutrition has become somewhat of an obsession of mine. Now I have friends that come to me when their dog has an injury or isn't liking their food and I am always so excited to pass on what others have taught me. I have only become more educated and extremely picky about what I put into her body, but The Honest Kitchen remains! Rollins has also become picky, she's a meat-hound and has no problem passing on a treat if she knows there's something better for her at home or in the pantry. Rollins and I do everything together and it is my job to keep her as healthy as possible and give her the best life I can possibly give her. We have to continue to be educated and knowledgeable about the food we are feeding our pets!

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