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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 13
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Rosie is a Papillon/Maltese mix.

Rosie has had health problems for the last several years, including Cushings Disease, arthritis, a partially collapsed trachia, a severe heart murmur, and most recently an enlarged heart. For years, we've been waiting for what seemed to be the inevitable. Her energy level was low and she slept most of the day. About six months ago, I decided (against my vet's advice) to start her on a fresh-food diet. My vet's concern was that I wouldn't be able to ensure she was getting all her nutrients. By chance, I ran into an Honest Kitchen rep at my local pet supply store, where I was having my other dog groomed. She explained the base mix to me, which sounded like a great compromise between highly processed commercial food and trying to wing it myself with all fresh. I bought the base mix. Of course, my dogs loved getting a fresh meal versus what I now realize was basically "junk food" for my dogs. That alone was a reason to continue. But then I started to notice changes in Rosie. The little dog who could walk maybe 50 feet at a time? She now walks around the block! She jumped up on a chair--for the first time in years. She bolts out the door when it's time to go out. When she's excited, she spins around, and I swear her feet leave the ground like an ice skater doing some leap! Then she had blood work done. The vet said that in all his years of practice, he has NEVER seen such a turnaround. The Cushings markers vanished! He said her blood was perfect and told me that whatever I was doing, keep doing it! I have no explanation for Rosie's newfound health other than the change in her food. I really did not expect it; I was just happy to give her fresh meat every day. I wish I had known about your products years ago, but I am so happy to have them now. I tell every dog-owner I know about the amazing changes--which many of my neighbors recognize for themselves when they see how healthy Rosie now seems. Yes, she still has her chronic heart issues. She coughs from her trachia problems. But she is happy, energetic, and feels good! Her golden years will be good ones now. Thank you, Honest Kitchen!

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