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Terrier — Age 3
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Rosie tried this flavor first and is living for it! The texture of the food is perfect and very easy to mix in with her dry food.
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As you can see here, Rosie is waiting patiently for her supper that is propped up right behind her! Haha

Rosie has had many issues, and being a young pup that always had me worried. Skin allergies, separation anxiety, you name it! She gets rashes and itches her skin like crazy so we have always had to be careful on her food selection. No wheat, all natural etc. I’m so glad I found The Honest Kitchen because now all we do is mix this in with her dry food (which she doesn’t like to much) and she goes crazy! She now has a “happy dance” for supper time, and she has never done that before so I’m thrilled to have found this product.

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