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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 16
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She loves sleeping on the bed with us.
Story picture
Sami, in back, with our little guy Rufi
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Sami, left of middle, with five of our other rescues.
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Sami, on right, with our little guy Rufi, who loves her dearly.
Story picture
Sami, bottom left, with three of our other rescues.

Sami is at least 16yrs old, she has been with us for 9 years as of November 2020. We adopted her in 2011 from the humane society in St Paul, MN. She was an unclaimed stray recovering from a gash on her left hip. We had no idea how full of life she really was until we got her home and she started playing with our other dogs, Henry and Dakota. Back then she loved long walks and treats and toys, nowadays she takes slow short walks, but still loves her treats and toys! She runs in her sleep and barks at the air, she is unique and we love her dearly!

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