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Akita — Age 12
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Lake Tahoe
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Cuddling is an absolute MUST!
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Never misses a chance to sleep.

Our beautiful girl came to us from an Akita rescue about 10 years ago. When I say rescue, I should clarify here a little bit. We met her at a spa for dogs. Swimming pool and everything. And she LOVES to swim! She was placed there by her family due to a few fights over food with their senior chow that resulted in a serious facial injury to our girl. Her family selflessly opted to place her up for adoption in a comfortable environment knowing she would be scooped up immediately. And we came along at just the right time. We knew she had a few skin issues when we adopted her. She would scratch to the point of losing fur and, at times, would cut her skin open. A dermatologist was treating her at the time of her adoption with us, and they were opting for steroid use. We decided to address it by changing up her diet first and would revisit steroid use if we could not find the right solution for her. Initially, she was on a chicken kibble diet. We had been reading up on Akitas, their diet preferences, and their skin challenges. A raw diet was suggested, but she's so very picky and did not always like the food we gave her. For example, she loves some fish, especially Haddock, but definitely not trout. It was a lot of work, and with two young daughters at the time, I wanted something easier and more kid-friendly. A friend recommended Honest Kitchen to us, and she's been on it ever since. Her skin issues cleared up pretty quickly once we figured out the right dog food. We have added probiotics when she experiences seasonal outbreaks, but over time it has cleared up. She never loses her fur anymore and she LOVES food time. I prep the food, wait a few minutes, feed her, and then mop the floor due to her tremendous amount of drooling in anticipation of breakfast and dinner. Overall, we are so very happy with our Honest Kitchen and could not thank you all enough for the healthy choices and exceptional outcome we have had with our beautiful girl. We just love her to bits. We have added a Rhodesian Ridgeback to our pack and he is the most content dog and such a joy!

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