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Weimaraner — Age 11
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Partners in crime for life!
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Mom, I think you are soooo beautiful!
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My costume for Halloween.
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Daydreamin' about honest treats!

Hi my name is Smokei! I'm almost 12 years old but will always act a kid! I still drive my parents nuts with my penchant for chewing shoes and their food when they're not looking, haha! You snooze, you lose guys! Anyway, as I got older, my body starting changing and couldn't handle the processed dog (beneful) food Paw-paw had been feeding me for years! My recent bloodwork was out of whack and I wasn't eating food as much. My parents needed to a find a healthier food option for me and that's when my mama came across The Honest Kitchen! She was so excited after reading the testimonials and ingredients! She told me about it right away and wanted my opinion on this. After some family discussion, we decided it was time for a change, especially one that had a good chance of improving my quality of life and well being. I was so excited when the new food arrived in the mail and I threw a huge tantrum 'cause it wasn't dinner yet! I wanted to try my new food right away after reading all the wonderful comments. Finally, mama let me taste a little bit and I literally inhaled the food, I don't remember chewing!!!! Mama told me I had transition the food and I wasn't too happy about it because I had already fallen in love and wanted the honest kitchen food all the time!!!! Now that I'm eating the honest food regularly, I'm in better shape and my bloodwork even improved! Thank you so much! I hope you will ALWAYS have my new favorite food available. If you were to ever discontinue it, I would die, so don't do that cause my parents would be very sad. Thanks for all the amazing quality food you provide us. XOXO Smokei

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  1. Dehydrated - Whole Grain Chicken Recipe (Revel)

    Dog Food

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