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Australian Shepherd — Age 12
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Sophie my constant companion and loyal friend. She has traveled the world with me and overcome all her issues.She is a beach bum at heart

We adopted Sophie from a kill shelter as her time was running out. She had been abused and suffered anxiety, aggression, and digestive issues. We knew we had A LOT of work to do !! I started with the trust issues and slowly we developed those then sought the help of a behavior specialist. He told me she should be put to sleep and I fired him and 3 others who told me to do the same. I just refused to give up on her. Also, she had digestive issues and vomited every food I tried so off to a nutritionist I went cause Sophie was too aggressive to go with me. Long story short she thrives on the fish and beef grain free dehydrated recipes and began to enjoy eating and was thriving and gaining weight. We started on THK at age 8 months after trial and error of at least 20 brands all expensive and even raw. The behavior issues took longer , but with patience and love it took nearly 4 years but now she is loving , loyal, and not aggressive at all. She has continued thriving and behaving and is now 12. It was quite a long hard journey but I wouldn’t trade her for the world. I mention this to all ( Don’t give up on them just cause it is hard or expensive or seems hopeless) This is what you sign up for when you adopt - even a puppy

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