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Beagle — Age 4
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Hungry for Honest Kitchen!
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Puffy Eyes from Allergies.
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Yeah, I can drive 18 wheels-no problem.

Stevie is our 4 year old lemon beagle who has struggled with cherry eye and severe allergies since she was six months old. We've spent a few thousand on allergy testing and a plethora of toxic medications. The testing for Heska and the medication itself for the first 6 months came to $750. We tried Heska because we didn't want her on Appoquel. Once Heska stopped working our traditional vet suggested Cytopoint (which is essentially a chemo). So for most of Stevie's life, she has been subjected to a whole host of nasty medications, cherry eye surgery to remove her lids, and huge expenses; all to no avail. So we sought out Dr. Judy Keller, a hollistic vet in our area, because we're done with traditional vets. She suggested we start with diet as that was most likely the culprit and recommended several brands. The Honest Kitchen was her first choice. So off to the store we went and changed out her food immediately a week ago. We did not do it gradually as we wanted to get her on the good stuff right away. Now, I know it has only been a week but it should be noted that within 3 days her scratching at her eyes and all over her body constantly, it immediately stopped within the first 48 hours. This is a dog who for years dealt with allergies that only subsided for 2 months on Cytopoint. We also had to put Opti-immune (another chemo) in her eyes daily to deal with her tear production and dry eyes. We had also noticed that her allergies were getting far worse just before it was time for her Cytopoint injection. We thought she would have to have one last injection while we waited for her new diet to have an affect. To our astonishment, it took 72 hours and no more medication. I should note that once we left the house (we are truck drivers) she still has bouts of backward sneezing fits when we are out west but those occur less often and I'm certain will continue to diminish with more time. I'll admitt our breathe caught on the cost of the 4 lb. box of duck food (because we have 2 dogs), however, the amount we'll save in the long run from vet bills and meds will pay for itself. And investing in her to have better overall health is priceless. So moving forward, The Honest Kitchen products are all our dogs are going to eat. We've struggled for years trying to get her issues addressed and it all came down to diet. I was going to rant in this story because I was foaming mad about the expenses, meds, bravecto, and all the unnecessary suffering she's endured, however, I decided against that. I thought it was more important to focus on what her issues were and how they were addressed in the past and that we found a simple straight forward solution in this food. The reality as pet owners is that we're gonna pay for our pet's needs and that money can either go to vets pandering to the pesticide and pharmaceutical companies or to The Honest Kitchen. The first option will cause more harm and discomfort to your pet and the second is just good food without side effects. And to the people at The Honest Kitchen, keep it real and don't sell out your ethics or standards-there's enough of that trash in the world already and we like you and your products the way they are.

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