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Border Collie — Age 3
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Strider at 2 years old before his allergies escalated to extreme.
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This was taken nearing the worst of it, in early September. He lost most of the hair on his chest, around the base of his tale, and under his front legs.
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His hair starting to grow back, about November.
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Lounging, as his big, beautiful winter coat is attempting to come back.
My boy Strider was a rescue, right off the street, after being abandoned. He was between 6 and 9 months old. His allergies started with slight, manageable symptoms but over the years they went from bad to worse to heartbreaking. He was on medications, receiving steroid shots, losing his hair, and shedding flakes of skin all over the house. I had him tested and it turns out he has crazy food allergies, on top of environmental allergies. The Honest Kitchen is one of the only brands I have found that carries formulas he can eat, three of the limited ingredient options. His energy, coat, and overall happiness has grown by leaps and bounds! Since he food switch his improvement has continually increased and I have my happy Border Collie back!
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