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Shih Tzu — Age 12
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Truffles, Sydney, Xini, & Zoe {our little tripod} Photo By:
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Our sweet girl had developed a cough that would just not go away. We went to a number of vet visits and even saw a specialist. She was put on a string of antibiotics and even went on a steroid, but her cough just kept getting worse. Her x-rays showed that she had some inflammation in her lungs, but they could not figure out what was causing it. We then worked with a naturopathic Dr. who helped us change her food to Honest Kitchen and we put her on a number of supplements. It took some time, but we trusted the process and her cough went completely away. So amazing!! She just recently has been diagnosed with the autoimmune form of meningitis and is now on a number of intense drugs that are unfortunately unavoidable at this time due to the severity of how fast it started attacking her brain. We are so thankful for a food that is helping her get the nutrients that she needs to help support her body as she gets stronger and heals. All four of our dogs LOVE their food!! Thank you, Honest Kitchen for developing such a wonderful product for our fur babies! {PS - We actually use the Grain Free Chicken Recipe {Force}, but it wasn't listed as an option in the form}
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