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Poodle — Age 9
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Teddy, the Mini Goldendoodle

When Teddy was a puppy we tried feeding him kibble as all my golden retrievers growing up had eaten kibble without any problems. Teddy started to let his food sit for DAYS. He wouldn't touch it. We used to have to pull him out from under the bed in the morning to get him to eat. I watched the documentary called "Pet Fooled" and thought, maybe he needs a different type of food. As soon as I opened up a box of the honest kitchen to put in Teddy's bowl he was perched up right waiting by the sink waiting as it hydrated, very patiently. The bowl hit the ground and he was face first in it. This NEVER happened with kibble. Flash forward years later, Teddy is a regular consumer (it's all he eats). Now, in the morning I can't even make the slightest appearance that I'm awake because he thinks it's time for breakfast! He's ready and waiting at his bowl every breakfast and dinner hour, and he always licks his bowl clean. No more skin issues. No more vomiting for some unknown reason. No more pulling him out of bed for breakfast. Thank you for solving this problem!!

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