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Tinsel, Cocoa, Bear, Legend, Kate

Australian Shepherd — Age 0
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Bear - 3 months old
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Legend - 2 yrs old
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Tinsel- 6 yrs old
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Cocoa - 2 yrs olad
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Kate - 9 months old

My Standard Australian Shepherds are active working dogs. When I was feeding dry food they could not put on any weight, hair was very dry and they were always hungry but would only eat half their food. Night feeding was a nightmare, I would give them 2 cups each of dry dog food, had to get each one in his/her own kennel, they would eat maybe a fourth of it and dump the bowl, which being outside dogs, then I had ants. Now after feeding The Honest Kitchen, they are excited to go into their kennel and wait for me. They eat all their food, hair is becoming shinny, more energy and they do not seem hungry any longer, they are satisfied and look forward to feeding time. The puppies which gets 1/2 cup twice a day is growing so nicely, beautiful hair and in my opinion being a breeder Honest Kitchen is not only good for adult dogs but puppies also. Thank you The Honest Kitchen for making food for our pets that they truly enjoy. Emory Oak Aussies - Margaret Shelburne

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