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Tokin, Sequel, & Link’n

Papillon — Age 0
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Sequel, Tokin, & Link’n have the shiniest coats now! They always are so energetic and happy since THK
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Their energy has skyrocketed since putting them on THK as well as their weight being regulated. We havent had any health issues since!
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It goes without saying that THK will likely be our go to food for the remainder of their lives. They cant wait to eat now!

My three boys are my world so what goes in their bodies is my TOP priority. As they are getting older their daily habits have changed a bit and i started to notice my oldest losing weight and interest in his food. With that came less energy and i began to worry. Finding a balance was difficult because my two younger boys would always gain weight so managing all three was tricky! We attempted home cooked dieting which the boys took to immediately but along the process, we felt overwhelmed in managing all the nutrients and protein etc. i was way in over my head and we found out Tokin had pancreatitis to boot. So in hopes to balance their diet and get on top of their health without pulling all my hair out, i found THK. It’s been a life saver and i LOVE how we have the option to have grain, grain free, and even base meals where we can add in our own protein. THK thought of it all and i cant explain how much i love that they are human grade. I want the best for my boys and i think they and myself agree that THK is the best.

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