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German Shepherd — Age 6
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Years ago when a certain food made in Canada, that Trixi ate her whole life with no problems, suddenly quit shipping to the USA and started making the US supplied food in the US. Unfortunately, even though it was called the same name and the bag was exactly the same ( except for the ingredient list ), it was the not the same food. Many people complained about it. At first they tried to say it was the same, but realized people had compared ingredients and knew better, and then started making up excuses as to why this food was just as good. Many people complained that their dogs were reacting badly to it and wanted to still buy the food from Canada, but the company refused. Trixi and her Golden buddy Groomer both started itching constantly. I switched foods a hundred times ( just a guess) for several years and then decided to try allergy tests. Turns out they are intolerant of just about everything except lamb. I only found one food that didn't have any of the listed bad ingredients, put them on that food and within a few days they quit itching. This was after several years of itching. They were so relieved and soon had such a better outlook. I could tell they were so much happier. Well feeding one limited ingredient food is probably not so great, so I looked into making their food myself occasionally and finding a complete nutritional recipe that didnt have prohibited ingredients was impossible until I came across Honest Kitchens base where I could add my own proteins. They loved it. It was really pretty easy to make, and best of all, they still aren't itching when I make it!!!

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  1. Dehydrated - Grain Free Fruit & Veggie Base Mix (Preference)

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