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Basset Hound — Age 11
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Here I am with a "big dog" bone.
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ZEKE with his foster brothers and sisters. Look how small he is.
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Let me out its time to run and play
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just a quick snooze then back to playing and ripping up paper
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Zeke at home after surgery
August 18, 2013 was a lucky day in Zeke's life. He was crawling along the side of a road when a kind jogger found him and took him home. No owner was found and rescue was called. We responded. We took him weighing only 3 pounds to our vet who put him on a canned prescription food.

A week later he was in the Emergency Hospital with bloody diarrhea. 3 days in the hospital and a plasma transfusion then back to our vet for a recheck. This time the pup was put on a different manufacturer's prescription food. Surely this would work but 2 days later he reacted with INTUSSUSCEPTION- which is the medical term for an intestine that had telescoped into itself. Without surgery he would die. With surgery there was still a chance he would not make it. We chose the surgery.

After surgery that night he needed to be transported to an emergency pet hospital for overnight care. In this surgery they removed 10 inches of his intestines and 3-4 inches of colon. He needed constant supervision the kind we could not provide at home. He survived to the amazement of his vets. For the next week we would transport him to the vets to be hooked up to iv's for the meds and another transfusion during the day then back home at night for the love and support of his foster family. A friend set up a U Giving page for supporters to help with the cost thru donations.

We put him on a home cooked meal of chicken and rice run thru a blender. And as he got stronger we added vegetables. He has been on this diet since the beginning of Sept. but there was not enough of the vitamins and minerals that make a balanced diet for a growing pup. Once again he crashed this time not because of his intestines but his bones. Bones were not strong enough to allow him to stand and walk since his whole life had been filled with nutrition that was not sufficient for his growing body.

At 4 weeks he should NOT have been away from his momma, then with the illness he needed a bland easy diet so his intestines were not over burdened. So, while healing one part or the body his nutritional needs of the bones were suffering. After talking to an orthopedic specialist he wanted the pup on a commercial diet of kibble for puppies. We refused since we were convinced the kibble could do no good what so ever. The orthopedic vet insisted and we stubbornly refused to put him on kibble -but what to do?

We had heard good things about The Honest Kitchen but we are a rescue with limited funds so here we go again another possibly life threatening problem. We made the decision to move Zeke the pup to The Honest Kitchen's THRIVE and spoke to one of their reps to see if they he too thought that would be the best formula for him. We all agreed and he suggested we speak with Kristin who works with rescues. Speaking to her was a delight.

We agreed to begin the pup on THRIVE since it was chicken based but had all that he needed for a balanced diet. He has been on this diet only 12 days now and the difference is remarkable. He is up and walking no -not walking but running like a normal puppy. One of the things I noticed when he came to us is that he did not smell sweet like puppies do but had a sour smell to him. He was anemic also so his gums were more of a grey with a pink cast then pink. Yes he has had a couple B12 shots to catch him up so to speak and we give him liver treats for the anemia but THRIVE has spinach in it which is a great source of iron for him.

In the short time that he has been on The Honest Kitchen foods he has improved in all ways. He is gaining weight and now weighs 11 pounds, He walks without wobbling has pink gums and he smells like the sweet puppy he is. As a rescue we AT SAN DIEGO BASSET RESCUE rescue , rehabilitate and re-home dogs. A good portion of the rehabilitation process begins with good nutrition which we get thru Honest Kitchen.

Zeke is an amazing little dog who has overcome many obstacles in his short life and has done it with a sweet and cheerful attitude. We are happy to have found The Honest Kitchen for Zeke who will now have the complete and balanced diet he needs.

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