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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 11
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Abbey excitedly and impatiently waiting for one of us to come and give her a Beam!
Abbey has been on Honest Kitchen for about 3 years and her coat is soft and shiny, her eyes are bright, she maintains a healthy weight, and she no longer gets ear infections. As much as she loves her HK, she is completely obsessed with Beams. She demands a Beam after she finishes her breakfast, she will whine, bark excitedly and run back and forth till she gets one of us out to the kitchen where she will target with her nose which cupboard they are in. She will then take it and run out onto the porch and out into her fenced yard to enjoy it. She will not settle down until she has had her Beam. She has figured that she can carry on with either me or my husband, whoever didn't give one to her that morning, to try and manipulate us into giving her another but we've caught on so now we ask each other "Did Abbey get her you-know-what?"....we can't say the name as hearing the word Beam gets her wound up.
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