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Dachshund — Age
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Adopted from the SPCA October 2013
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Abby and Bud taking a nap on the couch,
Abby was brought to the SPCA with her mother and brother by a Sherrif Deputy. They were removed from their owner because the owner's landlord would not allow the dogs inside the house. They lived outside in the dirt, rain and cold. Abby's brother died of parvo shortly after arriving at the SPCA. Abby had no signs of parvo and is very healthy. The only problem she has is a overbite. Abby is adoable and loves to cuddle. The main reason for adopting Abby was to be a companion for my other dog Bud (also adopted). Abby and Bud were friends as soon as their eyes met. Their tails start wagging as soon as they see each other.
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