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Exotic — Age 3
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I'm not afraid of my shodow
It has been a year since I found my forever home. My boy and girl joke that they went shopping for a thanksgiving turkey and came home with me (what they were doing shopping for turkey at the SPCA is beyond me!). It has been quite a year. They spent 2 months trying to find a food I would eat - if only they had listened to the Critter Jungle staff the first day ..... imagine all the food they would have saved (don't worry the stuff I would not eat did not go to waste - it was donated back the SPCA!). The changes I have made in the past year are AMAZING - aside from eating my 2 meals each day & having a family that adores me - I look healthier, have a brighter sparkle in my eyes, love so many things & walk / hop / gallop around my house securely chattering like l own it. Doesn't every cat love to play chase every morning,spend her day sitting on a sunny window sill watching the craziness outside, play chase - again - and swat the toys at night before cuddling into a bed of her choice at night? I have family and friends who love to visit and play with me. I am definately a very chatty tiny bright (in torti kind of way) spot in the lives of those who know me. My boy and girl give me confidence and keep me safe and Prowl keeps me healthy. It really is a cats life - and Iove the one I have. Happy Anniversary to me Happy anniversary to me Happy aniversary on finding my forever family
happy anniversary to me
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