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Terrier — Age 4
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Abigail in her bucket (Bailey Chair)
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Keen coma!
Abigail changed drastically on a Friday afternoon. By that coming Monday things were not to be the same. For almost two months her mega esophagus was going undiagnosed, even a specialist did not catch it after a scope. Finally, it was sadly becoming apparent that she was dying, and I’m not being dramatic :). But... finally a diagnosis! All along the coughing, shaking, vomiting, regurgitating, and overall horrible quality of life were able to be dealt with and rectified! I ran out and bought a bucket for her to sit upright in after eating, started blending wet food into milkshake consistency and was ready for the smooth road to recovery. This was not the case though. Things got better but did not result in best case. Fast forward through hours of research and finally finding The Honest Kitchen! Abigail is truly and finally her true self again. Not only does she jump up onto her elevated platform to eat her Keen, she taps me in the morning with her paw to get me re-hydrating her yummy delight a little more on her schedule than mine. As a result of making Keen her main and only food for her 3-4 small meals a day, she almost NEVER hacks, coughs or sounds "raspy". This is a true 90% improvement from when she was eating pureed canned wet food. More importantly though, she is happy, she is abounding with energy, playing again, jumping, using her voice, and engaged at her full potential. It makes me so happy to have my dog back and that she is comfortable again. I will forever be grateful THK for your beautiful food! Thank you.
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