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Dalmatian — Age
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My dalmatian boy : Adhil
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Bath sun in the backyard
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This is my lovely 9-month-old liver boy. He's name is Adhil. Adhil is the name of a star in the Andromeda Constellation and Adhil is my good star. He's coming from Czech Republic and lives now in South California. I did a lot of researches in order to decide what I was going to feed my precious boy. When Adhil was still in Czech Republic, he was on a raw food diet. Unfortunately, with my lifestyle, I'm not ready yet to go with this option, so I was looking for a good dog food with great ingredients. I finally choose THK and I'm so glad that i did it. Adhil loves his food, he has a nice shiny coat and he's full of energy and no more loose stools. Lucky for me, it just takes 3 minutes to make the food, because every time that I take THK box from the pantry, I have an impatient boy who's ready to eat his food.
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