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American Eskimo — Age 1
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Truly healthy and happy, inside AND out!
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Alaska as a shy, sick puppy..
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A few months later on THK, a big growing girl- bigger than my cat at 11 months!
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Today, almost 2 years old, and THRIVING on THK!!
I adopted my dog from a local animal shelter as a puppy where she was thankfully rescued from a puppy mill. Alaska and her siblings were malnourished and very small for their age (7 months) due to the poor quality of food they were given in the puppy mill and the shelter.
Bringing her home, I compared Alaska to other American Eskimo puppies and she looked very unhealthy. Her coat was thin and dull, rather than full and vibrant. Her appetite was huge, yet she chose to eat people food instead of her own dry dog food. As a result, all the people food I would give her didn't agree with her stomach and her feces would be runny and a dark green color.
Desperate, I knew I had to start her on quality, wholesome food immediately. I was already feeding my cat THK Grace and Prowl so choosing THK for Alaska was a no-brainer. Starting with Love, then Force and Embark, I saw a drastic improvement in Alaska's overall health- from both the inside and outside.
The first noticeable difference was in appetite. She no longer begged for table scraps and finished her THK food at every meal. Thinking that she would take to the food at first then become tired of it after a few weeks, I was proven wrong when box after box, Alaska ate her food with enthusiasm and satisfaction.
After a month, I noticed her coat thickening and growing in faster and thicker. Her skin and coat were soft and snowy white- true to her breed! I definitely knew that THK was the best food I could give her, but I couldn't believe how MUCH of a change it would bring her.
Her digestive issues were completely cured after the transition was made and she was fully switched to THK. Her stool became firm and never runny, and her potty times became very consistent- twice a day after her meals. Unlike dry kibble we used to feed her, she would have runny diarrhea after every bit she ate like the food just came right out and Alaska was not getting any adequate nourishment from the low-quality dry food.

Thank you,THK, for some amazing products! Alaska and i cannot thank you enough for being in existence because Alaska would not be the healthy and happy pooch she is today without your awesome food!
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