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Cairn Terrier — Age
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Straight off the streets
Alfredo came to me as a foster from Col. Potter Cairn Rescue. He was my second. I was warned he would not be as easy as the first. When he arrived he had been shaved due to him being found wandering the streets, matted, and suffering from dry eye. He was very independent when he arrived. If I picked him up he would stiffen up. He appeared to be blind and deaf. I was told to soak his food and give him eye drops. He loved the soft food, hates the drops. At Christmas time I took him to see Santa, wearing his "Adopt me" bandana. He was a hit! He gave Santa a kiss and asked for a forever home. My boyfriend thought if I was crazy enough to do that, I needed to keep him, and applied for adoption. On Christmas we officially adopted Alfred. Alfredo takes some extra care. He has a few teeth, which are bad, he can't see much, his hearing, well, that may be terrier selective or he may be slightly deaf, we haven't decided. We soak his hard food for the extra water and to help his teeth. When I found Honest Kitchen food I thought it was perfect! Also It doesn't contain Rosemerry. Did you know that is a Nuerotoxin? I didn't tell Alfredo started having seizures and I was told to check for it. After 3 days of Honest Kitchen food my old, scared, blind, deaf, inactive dog is a totally different critter! He runs! (I have never seen him run) He plays! (With my min pin who hates everyone and never plays!) and he is awake and alert all day long! He was flushing pheasants today. His head is up, he looks around like he can see more, his hearing is more alert. It is amazing the difference!

Update: Alfredo started having bad seizures after his shots. I really thought I was going to lose my old man. I spent weeks sitting up with him, comforting him. He was so confused. After starting Phenobarbitol and getting a loading dose we got the seizures under control, for awhile, but he starting having more. Upped his dose and he has been good, except for 1 side effect, he thinks he is hungry all the time! This is why dogs get fat on phenobarbitol. My solution: green bean in a small gravy of his Honest Kitchen food! He eats this several times a day and loves it! He is not gaining weight (which is good) and is very active and healthy. The vet told me "for an old, blind, deaf, epileptic dog he is in good shape!"
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