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West Highland White Terrier — Age 15
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Our favorite picture of Ally that was taken about 1 month after we rescued her.
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Ally looking cute.
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Ally with her new bandana
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Ally with Tavin
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Ally with her brothers Taven and Bristow

Ally was found on the streets in September 2010. She had an ear infection, had heart worms, and needed dental work when she was rescued by Westie Rescue of North Texas. We adopted her in November 2010. Because she had to get so many of her teeth extracted, the dogters were not able to get a very good estimate of her age. Initially, we thought she was around 5 when we adopted her. But after many many visits to the dogter's office, it was determined she was closer to 7 when we adopted her. Ally has severe allergies and is constantly battling skin infections and ear infections, even though we have always had her on higher end kibble. She also has arthritis, lost her hearing, and recently had eye surgery. She's one tough cookie! Last year, we noticed her coat was starting to thin, which was attributed to her older age. But since switching to THK, we have noticed her coat is getting thicker again! We supplement the Embark with raw ground turkey meat. We also tried Zeal (which she thought was ok, she ate it but wasn't crazy about it) and we've tried Halcyon (which she and her brother Bristow refuse to eat), and we have to say her favorite by far is Embark. We are very pleased with it and hope it will keep all three of our babies healthier than kibble!

THK products Ally loves
  1. Dehydrated - Grain Free Fish Recipe (Zeal)

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    $59.99 - $124.99

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  2. Dehydrated - Grain Free Turkey Recipe (Embark)

    Dog Food

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