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Carolina Dog — Age 4
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Alvin riding around Boston with his mom.
Alvin was found on the side of the road in Arkansas in 2009. We noticed him among thousands of other adoptable pups, and adopted him via Petfinder and he arrived on a big truck in New Hampshire in the fall of 2009. We weren't sure of his breed; the foster parents said most likely a mix of pug and shepherd, and that he and his brothers would top out around 15 pounds. Well, Alvin grew to 38 pounds, but we wouldn't trade him in for any other pup! He is unique. We found out from a passerby on the street in Charleston, SC on a vacation that he is a Carolina Dog, aka American Dingo. We looked it up and he fits the bill exactly. He is loving, cuddly, and sweet. He had a lot of trouble eating regular kibble, and we didn't want to give him traditional canned wet food because of the concern about animal welfare with the meat in the food, and were always careful about the dry food we purchased (but he didn't like). We made our own food for awhile, but could never achieve the proper balance of veggies, protein, and calcium. We finally found Honest Kitchen and Alvin ate it like he had never eaten before! He loves LOVE and EMBARK. He slurps it up twice a day, and would eat it more often if we gave it to him. He has gained healthy weight and found a lot of energy after starting Honest Kitchen food. We love Honest Kitchen!
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