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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 5
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Story picture
Doing her "paws up" trick- patiently awaiting a reward treat
I adopted Amelia from an over-crowded shelter and was told that she was a "nervous" dog that was fast wasting away- not eating and seeming depressed. As it turns out, she was more of a special needs dog than I was told. She has a number of fear-based behavior problems that we have been working on through positive training over the past two years that I have had her.

Since the day I got Amelia, she had itched, scratched, and chewed at her paws constantly. Her ears smelled like yeast and had brown residue in them. I had no idea that the Purina kibble I was feeding her was contributing to these problems. A fellow dog-loving friend sent me a link to a dog food education site, and everything changed from there. I spiraled into a vortex of reading everything I could get my hands on about holistic dog care. I ordered trial boxes of every different grain-free formulation of Honest Kitchen dog food. Amelia loved them ALL. Since that day, I have been using Honest Kitchen regularly as part of Amelia's "variety is the spice of life" diet plan. After 6 months, Amelia ceased her itching and scratching. Rare is the day that I see Amelia suffering from any sort of itchiness. Her ears no longer have the unpleasant smell of yeast. Everyone complements her on her shiny black coat. And most importantly, she LOVES the food that I feed her.
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