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Collie — Age 3
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Amelia in harness sitting outside on a warm spring day.
My name is Kolby, and I am a young woman who is totally blind. I am working with my second Guide Dog, Amelia. Amelia is a female rough coat collie, with an abundance of attitude and personality that is as large and voluminous as her luxurious coat. Amelia and I work together as a team. The Guide Dog is the navigator, and the handler is the pilot.
I feed Amelia The Honest Kitchen grain free formulas, because I know that I can trust the ingredients. I use Pecks treats for rewarding Amelia for executing guide work tasks appropriately, including stopping at curbs or steps, finding doors or counters, exiting escalators, or learning a new route to a destination. My partnership with Amelia enhances my independence and enriches my life in ways that are difficult to describe in words. Feeding Amelia The Honest Kitchen is one way that I can know for sure that I am providing her with food that is high quality.
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