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Amelia Bedelia

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel — Age 4
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Amelia enjoying time at her Auntie Annie's party!
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Amelia is a Cavalier Kings Charles Spaniel mix. She has some health problems and we tried every kind of food. The vet talked to us about raw diet along with green veggies. Amelia loves fruit and veggies, but she has a weight problem also that makes her knee and hip worse. Amelia has this since she was a puppy. She could not eat the raw diet so a friend told me to try The Honest Kitchen. Amelia been eating Brave for about 3 months now and lost about 4 lbs. Her eyes have cleared up and her knee and hip doesn't bother her as bad. She's back to her old self!! Thank You The Honest Kitchen for giving me back my Amelia. Amelia Bedelia sends her drools and hugs also.
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