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Beagle — Age 9
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Angel sunning with her adopted brother Mick
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My beagle Angel has suffered from elevated liver enzymes her entire life.She has had numerous tests to find out the cause with no luck, so the vet suggested just trying to control it with diet. Angel has been on pretty much every diet including prescription food, but nothing has worked. Over the past few years her blood work has shown ever increasing levels. Then about 6 months ago her blood work showed the highest enzyme levels she had ever had. So in desperation I decided to yet again change her food and after weeks of searching I decided to give The Honest Kitchen Keen a try. I was a little worried Angel wouldn't eat it because she can be picky, but she loved it immediately.

It's been 5 months now and the difference is amazing! She has lost weight, her coat is soft and shiny, she has tons of energy and the best part, her last blood work taken just a few days ago showed that her liver enzymes are in the mid normal range for the very first time in her life. The only thing that I changed was Angel's because of The Honest Kitchen I now get the chance to have my beautiful girl around for many more years to come.
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  1. Dehydrated - Whole Grain Turkey Recipe (Keen)

    Dog Food

    $22.99 - $69.99

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