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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 3
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Angel Baby: always ready for adventure...
Our Angel was a rescue from a great local humane society but she had some health issues - juvenile demodex, skin growths, persistent round worms - but after a year of - what we thought at the time - high quality food and vet care, she seemed to be in great health. Then last year - a small growth on her inner thigh started growing rapidly and was diagnosed as a mast cell tumor. After successful removal our vet recommended The Honest Kitchen food because of the low temperature used in dehydration not being carcinogenic. Angel loves Thrive, Kindly, and Beams and has never looked better - she has lost the slightly over-weight bloated look she had - her coat is shiny and she has endless energy.

After seeing the very difinate difference in our dog we switched our senior cat to Prowl and are thrilled with the weight loss in this borderline diabetic feline who had been on prescription weight loss food for years without success.

I already knew that, "diet is everything"...but wouldn't have believed that the the most expensive kibble I could find...wasn't in the same league as The Honest Kitchen dehydrated food - one is real food - and the other is imitation. Thank You!! Honest Kitchen - for saving my beloved four legged family members, Thank you!!
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