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Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 13
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Never tease Artemis when she is munching on her bone :)
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Artemis is 13 1/2 years old. I have had this beautiful girl in my life since she was 8 weeks old and dropped off with her litter-mates at a local veterinarians office. She has been very healthy her whole life- every 6 months at her senior appointments her vet is surprised at how healthy she is. She is getting older, though, and is starting to have vision, hearing, and dental issues that go along with age. A month ago she went for her dental cleaning. Before putting her under anesthesia- she had to have blood work done to make sure she was healthy enough to have her cleaning. Her tests came back that she had pancreatitis. She had not been vomiting or having appetite issues. I had no idea she had been in pain! She was prescribed anti-vomiting medicine, pain medicine, and a special bland prescription diet. She tolerated the food change and medications for a few days. She then refused to eat no matter what we did. She would not eat her old dry food, her new dry food, prepared chicken with rice, her old wet food, or her new wet food. During that time we had to go out of town and left her with friends. She shut down and refused to eat anything! When we returned we took her to the vet- she had not had a good meal in 5 days and was having terrible diarrhea. We were very worried and even thought this was the end for her!! The vet told us just to work on getting her to eat- whatever it took. We went straight from the vet to the pet health food store and were recommended Honest Kitchen. She has been eating it for 2 weeks now- 3 times a day. She is loving it- licking her bowl clean everytime. I really feel we have gotten a second chance with our girl! I know she can have a chance to beat pancreatitis now that she is eating again and getting some good nutrition in her. Can't wait for our next vet appointment this coming weekend!
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