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German Shepherd — Age 1
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Didn't take long for Athena to find a place to rest.
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Athena weighed 35lbs and never left this corner when she first came home.
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She's gained 10lbs since and likes to hog the pillows!
Athena, well Regina as her Foster Mom named her, was found abandoned in a vacant lot. She was covered in dirt, had woulds on both legs and about 15lbs underweight. After recovering in Foster she was put up for adoption at the Arizona Humane Society where I volunteer and something about her face just caught my eyes! She had to look of being journeyed and wise and regardless was willing to give it another go.

As we always say, Pasts are a Mystery with Stray dogs but with time and patience they will become Furr-Ever family members. Athena's past sure wasn't a mystery for long, as I could tell by the way she cried every time I grabbed the leash for a walk or especially the way she sat backwards in the car! She had been abused no doubt and probably left outside all day (leaving her with a slight case of separation anxiety)

But smart? She most certainly is. In the few short months she's had a home, she's mastered almost all the basic in two languages! She has walls up to those she doesn't know, but I am blessed with seeing her utmost honest personality! We have a saying, Athena and I 'Here-forth Strength and Safety" something I promised her the day she came home.

Who says people rescue animals- I think it's they who rescue us!
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