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Weimaraner — Age 1
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Audi was a very picky eater and after being on antibiotics for an infection it was very difficult to get him to eat. The antibiotics had messed with his stomach and we tried everything. We cooked food for him, hand fed him but nothing worked. Audi began to loose weight but was still active. He would eat every once in awhile but that was it. We went to the vet where different foods were recommended including Honest Kitchen. We had finally gotten him to eat regular kibble on his own, however, he still wasn't gaining any weight because of his activity level. In addition, he was still fussy about his food and would not eat every meal. We tried honest kitchen and he LOVED it! He now licks the bowl clean every meal and waits for us to make and begs while we make it. While that is somewhat normal behavior for most dogs, especially weims, this is new for us! He is slowly gaining more weight as he is eating kibble and honest kitchen now. I am so happy we found this and he loves it so much!

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