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Autumn Shea

Mixed Breed (dog) — Age 0
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Autumn when she first was adopted in 2014
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Dec.2014 She'd only been with us less than a month
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snuggle monsters. Autumn really looks up to her older sister Honey
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Happy Holidays
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Mommy, can I sleep with you on the big people bed? Please.
I'm a veterinary technician and Autumn was staying with us while she was treated for a bad case of heartworms after being sterilized in Pa . The doctors daughter brought her to us from UPENN where she studies. I found out that if Autumn had been taken back to the shelter she came from ...she would have been euthanized for having heartworms. She was in bad shape and I had to do something. That same day she became part of our family.
She had a long drawn out treatment plan and it took a toll on her as a whole. One of my other kids, Hogan, started my whole clan on THK food. Within the first month we could see a change in her coat, her stools were much more manageable and she started to feel better. Fast forward a year. Her personality is quite unique. She's as stubborn as a mule. I like that in her....the girl knows what she wants! She won't leave her bed until she hears the food canisters come out. Lazybones! Once she hears the food is out she tears down a flight of spiral stairs. Needless to say she loves the food. All three do! I couldn't be happier with all the products. My dog blossomed from a scared ,sick shelter dog to a fun loving lady of leisure who passes the time waiting for her EMBARK in one of many doggie beds around the house.
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