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Greyhound — Age 4
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No more tummy troubles

Following a brief stint at the ER, Baby began to develop irritable bowel/digestive issues and occasional vomiting that lasted for months. No relief was ever found on kibble regardless of brand, quality, macronutrient composition or break-in time. Even probiotics and enzymes weren't helping her, she just wasn't tolerating kibble anymore. After trying Zeal, I was sold. Immediately, the loose stool went away and Baby began to form solid, low odor stools. I now rotate THK products with the occasional canned meat dressing, unless I'm using Preference, in which case I rotate between canned meats and fresh cooked meats. I also supplement with enzymes. I am proud to say that Baby no longer has digestive issues. She hasn't had any diarrhea or loose stool since starting THK. Additionally, her teeth, which tended to develop a lot of tartar and plaque on kibble, tend to stay very clean.

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