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Chihuahua — Age 8
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Bailey our protector
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Tootsie on the left. Bailey on the right.
When we first got Bailey he fit right in the palm of your hand and now he is a whopping 5 pound watch dog. He was taken from his mother too soon. But we took good care of him and he has us. The first night home he cried and cried and we swore he was saying mama. It was so cute.
My husband got sick and could not use his right hand yet bailey trusted him enough to jump up into his lft hand. When my husband died in 2007 we almost lost Bailey as well. He was so lonely and broken hearted but he pulled through.
He may be small but he does go crazy if he thinks we are in harms way.
I love him and our other dog Tootsie. They are my babies.
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