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Australian Cattle Dog — Age 8
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Loves her ProBloom!
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The crew waiting for dinner
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Strong seniors Bailey :)
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Jetzskis loves a good trot!
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11 years old and she still has it!

Meet Bailey- born under a bush in downtown Phoenix, in an industrial area, her mom and litter mates living off of water from a dripping sprinkler.

A kind soul saw them huddled under the bush, in the heat of the summer, promptly closed the shop for the day and took them ALL home. A man with no pets now had Momma and her five puppies.... he fed her and she gained her health back, rearing her five pups.

I am blessed to have Bailey, the most rambunctious of all the litter. All found good homes and Momma is still thriving! Thanks to Honest Kitchen my pack of six dogs can eat any protein and not suffer from allergies to their food.

Pro Bloom gets extra water into their diets, the Warmer Broth was GREAT for winter and they eat their Honest Kitchen EVERY MEAL 2-3 times per day for as long as I can remember.....

Thank you Honest Kitchen for keeping my dogs happy and healthy- five of the six are seniors and going strong! Daily walks of 5+ miles, most days we average 10 miles a day! I like to think this has much to do with their diet.

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