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Pit Bull — Age 4
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My roommate adopted Bailey about 6 months ago. When Bailey came home, she was extremely timid, averse to affection of any kind, and quiet. On top of that, she was quite a picky eater with a fickle GI tract. She became famous for her room-clearing farts (so bad that even she needed to leave the room when she emitted one), and she was almost guaranteed to throw up on any car ride over 20 minutes.

After recommending Honest Kitchen to my roommate, Bailey didn't show the remarkable improvements that my own dog had when, so she tried a grain-free recipe instead. Once Bailey transitioned to Honest Kitchen's grain-free diet, her coat instantly became soft to touch, she stopped farting so horribly and so often (not completely though) and has gradually warmed up to her home.

Now, she loves snuggling, and loves playing (both with humans and with dogs) even more.

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